Saturday, March 29, 2008

The birth of Jake

Jake was born sometime in November 2007. Me and Babai did not realize about the existance of a pregnant stray dog around the neighborhood, until Babai heard whimpers from behind the house one cold and windy night. Jake was with another 7 siblings, and born by his mother which we called Nancy. They were huddled at the back of the empty house behind ours.

We cannot identify the type of dogs they are, since stray dogs bound to be unidentified mixed of umpteenth numbers of breeds (the results of sleeping around eh?) But Nancy does not seems to be the usual type of stray. Stray bitching dogs are fiercely protective and will snap at anybody who came nearby her tots. But Nancy is rather an elegant and soft mannered white dog, well nourished with defined muscle and coating that can put a breed dog to shame.

The only indication that she is a stray dog if she were to be among the fine one is that she has very fine but almost unnoticeable light brown spot, and a limping hindleg. Even her smell was almost non-existance. When we came near her, she was alert and watchful, but never bark.

Her tots would be elegent like her too, right? So I thought.

Anyway, how did we manage to get Jake from under her watchful eyes?

One day during school holiday, these 2 Chinese boys from our neighborhood was climbing the steel fence while Nancy was out hunting for food. When we heard the commotion, we went to the back and saw what was going on. They were trying to get the fattest and healtiest puppies among Jake's siblings. After one week of watching the puppies feeding on their mother, we were getting used to the idea of getting a dog for our own.

We called to the boys to get one for us, and to ensure it was a male dog (so it wont multiply in the future. get it? ;P)

So that was how Jake came into my life hand, so small and adorable, I fell in love with him on the spot..sigh.. i was soo excited that i jumped unladylike-ly around Babai!

Hihi!! I had never been so excited all my life.. V.V


Shutterhero said...

cak! hi sis shutterbug here. looks like im the first to come here. i will link your blog to mine. chow.

Sumuk said...

hei shutter!! thanks for dropping by. I will yours to mine too. we will visit each other's blog often k.

RWS Photo said...

Bah. Might as well I leaved my mark here.

Came here from TiyungDayak


Sumuk said...

hi rws! thanks for dropping by. hope to cu again ya.


Anonymous said...

haha...1st posting as an active blogger...keep it goin jue...I like dog than kitty-fonsus

Sumuk said...

hi sos! thanks for coming. this is my first blog out of friendster :p
You likes dog too? Hhehe..What u said remind me of my ex-bos. He asked me 'Are u a dog or a cat person?' Well, i never thot of that, cos i love them equally! I would love to have them both! :D

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