Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Should I Eat to Keep The Dentist Away?

You might be tired about hearing the same thing coming from me. I don't know, how many people had actually gone through a root canal treatment, let alone two different teeth within 2 weeks apart. Yea... I don't know how it happen. From the day that I went to repair the filling that broke on my molar right teeth, everything seems to go downhill.

Last Wednesday after the second stage for my first root canal, I told the dentist to check on the nagging toothache I had on my upper premolar. There was a stinging pain that feel sensitive to heat. The dentist asked me to make another appointment to look into that one, but because of their busy schedule, they could not fit me in and listed me in their very long waiting list. The day after, the pain was almost unbearable and I had to visit the dentist near my house to see what they can do about it. The clinic was about to close in 1 hour time, and I was their last customer. There was a replacement dentist on duty, and I really don't like her workmanship and service. The way she talked reminds me of government clinics too. Full of air and seems stucked up instead of being confident and curteous. Such a stark contrast to the clinics that I frequented for my root canal near my office. Her re-filling was shody, and the next day the pain became worse and I had a hell weekend. The supposedly strong painkiller I took did not make much difference too.

Unable to move, feels like killing myself to end the pain. On Sunday I decided to finally went to clinic at Old Klang Road which I went few times before when I stayed there 2 years ago. Too bad, they were about to close too and I only managed to get additional painkiller and some antibiotics. By yesterday morning, the pain was still there, I can't do any office work at all as my head was pounding badly. Called the clinics and begged them for a walk-in. Luckily I had to wait only 1 hour by the time my turn came.

When I met the doctor (different docs, not the one doing my first root canal), after checking the tooth, he took the time to give me a proper explanation on why I am supposed to come for the third visit for the first teeth, and what are the options I could take for the second teeth as obviously I need another root canal treatment. I had expected it all along, and there is no way I can endure the pain for another day. Decided to let him treat the second teeth as I know it will not be easy for me to get another session, what with the timing too near to my wedding date. The second root canal was slightly cheaper, RM450 for a pre-molar. Not cheap for me but I would be willing to pay any figure that time just to be free of the pain.


cyrildason said...

Dentist are expensive... I overspent this year because I wnet to the dentist, but what to do.. skia monam. Doi tahan lagi.

Paid over RM500 to 'repair' my teeth.. =(

lvynana said...

Had 1 root canal before, but it was a 'cheap' one coz i had the filling days before, and it doesnt go well, so the doc give me discount for root canal. apa lagi buat je la.

For sensitive teeth, have you try sensodyne?

SumukBabai said...

wa... byk tu.. i heard one dental clinic near my ex-office last time can make RM40K per month. mmg boleh jadi millionaire ler..

lvynana : lucky you. aku pun maok complaint ngan clinic dekat rumah aku ya, tapi geram gilak dah maok jejak kaki siya. gigi aku sik sensitif, cuma maybe sbb root dah kena infection, alu jadi sensitive to heat.

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