Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Apala nak Jadi

Na...! I just broke my molar teeth. I spent a fucking RM550 for the root canal, now it broke into two just a week before the permanent filling.

And now, I had to extract out the other half. I lost a teeth and my one month food and gas allowance......

Apala nasib ku.....

Update at 8pm:
Met the doc (Dr. John) who did my first root canal. He believed that it can still be save (Alleluia...!) by putting on temporary filling, and they will have to expedite my 3rd stage treatment to this coming Sunday. There's a silver lining indeed..


cyrildason said...

Wahh.. the cost of your dental fees is getting so huge..

I should have studied harder and became a dentist.. *regret..regret*

Sumuk said...

if only we knew better right? should have listen to our parents sometimes..

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