Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hoping for Bright and Sunny Day

I can't wait for today to end..
tomorrow is the photoshoot and I haven't buy my white shoes.
my DIY manicure and pedicure gone wrong.. looks so ugly. ish!

tonight gonna iron 3 sets of Babai's shirt. 1 white, 1 grey and 1 stripes..
i'm gonna bring the pua kumbu, my dowry during my engagement as part of the features.. it'll be part of the background for our rings photo.

too bad we don't have any traditional custome to go with it, neither Bidayuh nor Iban..

Pray tomorrow will be bright and sunny day..
If not, hopefully it won't be raining, at least the photo can turn up dewy :)

ah... tick tock...


Willie said...

Wah! I'm excited for you too. Don't forget to show some of the photos here yeah? All the best!

amieyalen said...

yeahh... show us the photos later... good luck!!!! *bear hugs*

JenJen's Place said...

Make sure you rest well tonite and HAVE FUN tmrw ^_^

lvynana said...

Best nyer esok ambik gambar, mbak balit mok nangga kelak auk.

Sumuk said...

Hehe! The weather was on our side at the last minute. had so much fun :D

Sumuk said...

lvynana : blom ada gik. gambar siap november, by the time jak boleh amik hehe..

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