Sunday, September 6, 2009

Having Fun at Photoshoot!

I'm already here in Kuching at my in-laws place. Just had breakfast, of course the compulsory Kolok Mee and Laksa Sarawak. By afternoon, we'll make a move to my kampung and stay for a night.

Last Thursday after work at 7.30pm, I had frantically went to The Summit to do my nails as my DIY mani/pedi was pretty ugly. They were about to close in 15mins, and I was practically beg them to do mine. I finally opted for nail coloring only as it was so much faster, as strong and lasting as the complete mani/pedi. After that, I drove all the way to Jusco Equine to buy the white heels that I planned to buy the previous day. A couple and another friend were coming over to see Babai while I had to excuse myself, have my shower and started on my hydrating facial mask. By the way, for a bride to be, facial mask (I used Neutrogena Hydrating Mask) is really recommended. I used it for 2 days, and it helps so much to lighten my dark spot and firm my skin. This mask will also helps your make-up foundation blend well and last longer.

By 12am when the guests and Babai still very much into conversation, I had to sheepishly announced to them that we had to call it a night, thanking them for coming and hoping that they will come again to continue some other time lol! I didn't mean to be cruel, but I was so worried that we were going to look puffy with eye bags, and we'll get tired easily if we don't have enough rest. Sorry peeps :D End up that Babai slept straight away the moment he hit the pillow, while I was blinking trying to sleep listening to his snoring and kept thinking about the photoshoot.

8.30am went out to have our breakfast, then went back to have our shower and do our last minute packing. Our appointment was 11am, and it was raining madly in KL city. The moment we reached the bridal shop, I was immediately being ushered to the changing room to do final fitting (I lost 2.5 kg phewww!!), putting on the magic bra *wink*, and did my make-up. The make-up artist discussed what outlook that I wanted to achieve, and styles that were big no-no for me. She also willing to listen to me on my jewellery and accessories selection. All the staffs were very helpful and tried their very best to keep a cheerful atmosphere, and it really help us to be in a good and smiling mood that day. Since it was raining, we had indoor shoot for the first wedding dress. Thank God when I changed to the second gown, it had stopped raining and the land started to dry up. Finished up indoor, we quickly change to another dress, changed the image and off to Lake Garden.

The weather was perfect, it is sunny enough for a good lighting effect, and the previous rain leaves the environment to be dewy and it turned out to be a perfect combination! We didn't sweat too eventhough we had walked quite far in the garden. I love Lake Garden for the fact that it has more flowers and greens, and it produce beautiful photos against our white attires.

We were initially a bit intimidated by the photographer because of our different communication style, but eventually we started to warm up with each other by trying to make conversation and keep discussing with him about our ideas and asking for his ideas. We depended a lot on him to tell us how to pose, and he let us decide the location that we wanted. I myself was pretty familiar with Lake Garden and knows good location as background. What can I say, they all turned so well and we can't help to feel so happy just thinking about it. Undeniably, the photographer was good and he managed to capture what we have in mind. Bravo to him!

When we were there, eventhough wedding couples taking photos there were very common, we still managed to attract some attraction. There were one Arabian couple who were kind of stalking us, following us around and when we finally make a break and change our venue, the wife approached me and practically grab me from getting away and asked to take photo with us. Also, when we were at another location, one white guy with an equally professional looking cameras and equipment, took our photos quitely while our photographer was busy changing his lenses. Of course I was happily posing for him haha!!

We spent our 3 hours there, tired, hungry but happy. We went back to the bridal shop to continue with another 4 dresses, and finally left the shop by 8.15pm. So hungry but happy we were that we treated ourselves with a delicious session of bakuteh in Setapak!

Yesterday, we went again to the bridal shop at 1pm to have selection on our photos. The photographer had screen out the photos and left us with 145 nos, to select 40 nos. It was a very hard thing to do, but I came with an objective, to cut as much as possible! But in the end Babai gave in and top-up another 10 photos. And we believed it's worth it.

As a conclusion, it was a tiring but all of us really had fun and given another chance I don't mind to do it again. Babai wasn't all excited in the beginning but when the photographer let him see the captured photo on his viewscreen, he started to enjoy it too.

I'm gonna put up some tips in my next post, and hope it gonna be useful for all brides to be :D


amieyalen said...

aiyak... you buat time kedai mok tutup? huhuhuhu

anyway, I want to see those pictures? :)

cyrildason said...

You guys must make a lovely couple until people are willing to stalk and take photos with you guys..

Coffee Girl... said...

I oso want to see those photos... fast. :-0

Sumuk said...

we only have one untouched photo. shy la to show to all haha..

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