Sunday, August 23, 2009

He's Gone

I went to the backlane on Thursday evening straight from work. While checking the fence for any sign of escape by Jake, I heard the Indonesian maid from the house backfacing us in their kitchen. I called her out, and asked her whether she knows anything.

Yes, in fact she saw everything, but I had a very strong feeling that she did not tell me the whole truth. The thing she told was exactly what happened to the puppies on the previous occasion. 5 Indian men wearing red/maroon color uniform shirt. However, what puzzled me the most was that our backyard door was locked, and how the hell did the people managed to catch him? She said, Jake came out by himself when those people came, and that was how they managed to catch him!

This was where it made me quiten, and I knew she was lying. How on earth Jake would be able to take of the steel leash from his own collar without breaking it? And if Jake had went down under the fence, there would be a sign because eventhough Jake is thin, by all means he was not small. He should have made a very big dent struggling to go out, as how he did every other time. And Jake was very fussy with strangers, he would barked endlessly.

The very reason why she was lying was because they were the one who waited their chance while we were gone, and called the council to pick up Jake!

It give me tears whenever I imagined what had happened to him, and how he had felt during the last hour. How could this happened? We were so looking forward to move him to our current house, waiting for the Consent of Transfer to go through so that we can brick-up our backyard and buy him a proper cage, that way our neighbor can tolerate him, and he can be kept clean all the time. There were so many stray dogs on the street out there, why the council so daring, stealing our dog from our very own backyard!?

My baby boy Jake is gone forever, I knew in my heart that he has been put down to sleep. My only hope is that he did not suffer any kind of pain in those people hands.

I had started this blog by talking about Jake. Eventhough it was not intended solely about him, suddenly now that he is gone, I don't feel the reason to keep this blog anymore.

Jake, if I had done you any wrong, please forgive me. I didn't do my best, I know, and if I had the chance to make things better, I would. I am glad that whenever I had the chance, I always quietly stroke you on your ear, or your neck just to show you my affection, eventhough being an eccentric dog, you could never stood still for more than 10 seconds! If I didn't show you enough love, forgive me too but you must know that I love you with all my heart, no matter what.

Rest in peace Jake, we'll catch up with you up there someday.


Woman IN PinK said...

I'm sorry to hear about could she???so jahat nyaaa....

Sumuk said...

it's ok... they'll pay their due when their time is up..

Got Dog Kennels said...

That is sickening. It seems to me like human rights violations and not only animal rights.

One Other ... said...

I'm sorry about Jake... :-( im not crazy about dogs, but i still dont want to wish them harm.

cyrildason said...

owh my.. i read this didnt know my assumptions were right.

Susahla org kat sia.. i guess there is a 'rat' complaining.

Pitty you guys.


Sumuk said...

Didn't expect at all that it's going to end this way.. whatever it is.. he'll always in our heart..

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