Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm so in love!

Yep, I fall in love again after more than 3 years meeting Babai. Now that he bought the house, I fall in love with it so badly huhu..

From the day that we moved in, we had subtracting and adding in furnishes bit by bit. Selling out the old one, and bringing in new stuff. Before I met Babai, I already have things such TV and DVD sets, fridge, washing machine and some other simple furnitures. It was so hard for me to let go as all these stuffs had a sentimental value to me. I had bought them with cold cash, and it was a symbol for my independency and hard work when I first started my job. I had a mixed feeling looking on the new stuffs that we bought, because it means I had to either giving out or sell my own things that mean so much to me. I could not be selfish either because our house is tiny, and we needed whatever space left, because we will be occasionally having our families and guest over.

On Saturday morning after we moved in, Babai still took the time to go for a ride. His families were putting up in Cititel Midvalley, and I was supposed to pick them up at 12pm and bring them over. The plan was to have our first lunch at the house, and we would proceed to IKEA in Damansara afterwards. Too bad, when I reached Old Klang Road, I was stuck in the bumper to bumper jam for 2 hours. I had no idea why, and there is nowhere to turn to. Luckily I'm driving manual no more, otherwise my leg would have been cramped from balancing the clutch for that whole period. The moment I reached the Midvalley ring road at 2pm, the road was so deserted, which was extremely unusual. When my in laws mentioned about the street demo, only then I understood the situation. I do understand what the government meant by loss of opportunity for business for that day alone.

On our way back, we were stuck for another one hour. I was so hungry as I didn't have my breakfast yet, and Babai's sis tapau some fried popiah for me. Reached home almost 4pm, and we did not dare to go out to IKEA, as I could foresee that LDP highway which was connected to Federal Highway would be just as bad.

On Sunday after sending Babai's sis to airport, we headed to IKEA. My FIL went to MPH The Curve, whereas the 3 of us went immediately to IKEA to hunt for our stuffs. We came out triumpahantly with 2 sets 2 seater sofa, throw rug TV Bench, coffee tables, curtain rod, shelfs, mirror for my dressing table and a lot more tiny stuffs. We decided not to buy the couch we originally wanted, but settled for simple sofas which also cost only half of the other couch. It fitted into our living room perfectly. We made ourselves busy the whole assembling all the stuff, and it was a backbreaking but satisfying job.

These 2 days, we had also start to get other things to fill up the space such as new tv and a home theather. I know it was his dream to own one, and he had been waiting for this moment for a very long time. I couldn't help but notice his shining and starry eyes looking at the whole thing when he finally finished assembling it. Finally also, we had registered to subscribe with Astro, and next but not so urgent, is Streamyx.

Looking back at it, going through the whole process was quite overwhelming. It was actually the very first time we had to compromise on what we buy. We have to agree with each other on lots of thing, including what channel to subscribe to. It was quite challenging in a way, but the result was worth it.


amieyalen said...

not urgent ka Streamyx sis? if me, I would rather install Streamyx first then astro... hehehehehe

Anyway, you have the same feeling as mine... I remember, when my family moved out from the old house, she asked me to change everything to new... and I was kind of sad... some things valued so much to me... but yala... have to throw it or sell it... so that could get another new... :P

Anonymous said... sounded so like my father... if old things don't things won't come...and i'm glad you realized that space is indeed limited... how i wish my father thinks this way as well...

but congrats to you and babai... i am seeing many of my friends finally owning their own place called home... it sure feels good ! :)

Sumuk said...

yea.. im on the verge of having hoarding disorder haha!

Sumuk said...

amiey : we still can use office line for urgent matters. since we are still pretty busy, i dont think we have time to sit down and go online anyway :D

SemadiNadai said...

congratulations! for your new the the 'cleaning' of it?...haaa, anyhow enjoy you new house..

Sumuk said...

haha! thank you.. just waiting for the right time :D

One Other ... said...

... Oh I'm soooo yesterday!! :-(

But Congratulation on your new house!

Sumuk said...

thank you my dear..

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