Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips for Gown Selection Day

I did my gown selection at the bridal shop 2 weeks ago. My advice for those who are going for gown selection and fitting:

1) Identify gown design that you want and you don't want, ahead of time. Sketch it or make a scrap book if you have the time.
2) Brief your SA, FH, and friend if you bring any, of the dress you'll be looking for. This will shorten the time, you'll be less tired, everybody can concentrate and can make better judgment. Normal time required for 6 dress selections is around 2-4 hours.
3) Bring simple food and bottle drinks cos it gonna take longgg time babe.. it keeps the audience from being grumpy. Duh.
4) Bring high heels with same height as your AD shoes. BS might have the platform, but you may need it when you want to test walking esp in a tight gown.
5) Listen to your SA if u trust them. They have more experience because they have seen so many body type and can see which gowns looks good and with type of skin color.
6) SA will advise u to choose opposing design for PS eg. 1 Simple. 1 elaborate. Or 1 halter neck, 1 tube or heart shape, so your album will not look boring. For AD, it's up to you.
7) If ur breast cup A, maybe need to bring stick on bra. B cup and above, not necessary, just commando. You may bring temporary padding if it looks too empty for certain dress, or silicon bra if you are that shy. For big size, you can wear ur corset/girdle for actual day look.
8) Skin tight legging is recommended, unless you don't mind down to bikini-level nakedness in front of your SA.
9) Threathen your SA, if u cannot find the dress u want by that day, you'll come again for second selection. This might make them to do their best to look for the nicest dress that fit ur requirement. Hehe..
10) When choosing the dress, be systematic. Sort the dress into OK and DEFINITELY NOT category after u tried.
11) From the selection of OK, choose ur final selection by grouping it further into different design. Choose the best among this category. Tried as many as possible and don't immediately reject the one recommended by SA.
12) Make sure, if you feel uncomfortable and have doubt with the selection esp AD gown even after everybody said it's the best, dont be scare to voice it out. This is the most important one. You don't want to go home and have a sleepless night feeling sorry for your choice, or rather other people's choice. I believe it is ok to say " I don't really want this, I am very tired now and I dont want to choose anymore. I need to come again." Stay on your ground and insist if u must, SA have no right to force you to make a decision if you are not happy. Or just say, "hey, i need to go already cos I have other appointment". Definitely SA have no choice one haha.. Otherwise, be prepared to fork out extra money for your 'mistake'.
13) Don't trust the mirror totally. Trust your friends/FH more. If they say your stomach jut out, you better believe it LOL!!
14) Above all, enjoy your gown selection session!

BS=Bridal Shop
FH=Future Husband
SA=Sales Assistant
AD=Actual Day


cyril said...

Tips no 13 is the most important of all!!!

Sumuk said...

That's the very reason to bring someone else LOL!

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