Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ignore This List

I'll write it anyway;

My Practical Wish List for My Birthday

1. A cat. Yes. A cat.
2. No birthday cake. I just want ang pow.
3. A new dress.
4. A new hand phone. Nokia 5800 or Samsung F480 would be nice :)
5. Damier Canvas Neverful PM N51109. Dreaming.
6. Some little jewelries would be nice too.
7. Silent and peace on my birthday.

That's it.

Ok. I don't think I will get any of the above, except no. 7.
That's why I said ignore it.


Willie said...

Birthday coming?

Desmond said...

I thought about it and well...can I say its the thought that counts? Hehehe... Sarawak will organise a Pesta Berimuh for you in Serian so do come over

Sumuk said...

Willie : yup.

Desmond : Of course. Thought is free, haha. Regarding the Pesta Birumuh, I got few notification about it, hopefully is not too late for me to make a post about it.

Woman IN PinK said...

I think someone is hinting to someone what to buy for that someone's birthday.hheheheh...Number 5 is one of my wish list, will remain as a wish for a very long time for me..

Hamidah Mohamad said...

I think Babai will get you wish list no.5 or 6 as a wedding gift who knows..

Sumuk said...

Woman IN PinK : Kihkih!!

The no. 5 tu, is ok ba.. i'm sure we have the money, but the time is just not good to think about getting a new bag with a price that'll we ourselves will never see in our wallet physically. Kalau strike 6D, why not hor..

Kak Midah : Yeer deh. So far, no indication. I understand though, we have a lot more other priority this year.. (sob..sob..)

One Other ... said...

*Babai, if you're reading this, I hope you know what you should do*

Happy Besday dayung!

I guess now the choc indulgence will be on me. :-) and the coffee/tea too, since I cant stowaway one of our kittens all the way from Kuching without being caught dead.

Sumuk said...


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