Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Luck?

Dang! I miss the RM3000 cash lucky draw! Even the 32' Panasonic LCD TV! Dang three times dang!!!

What can I say. I went home after the dinner, feeling like blaming God, why He never give me any luck when it comes to any lucky draw. Why I never win anything big. Why why oh why? Sigh............... No wonder I stayed away from Magnum and Sport Toto..

Okla you can see the picture now.

Food food and more food....

The customary Yee Sang.

More money! Bigger Project! Bigger Profit! More Bonus!

Shark fin soup. One of the best I've tested.

'Country Style' Steamed Live Red Mullet Fish. A bit smelly..

Tiger Prawn with King Soy Sauce

Lotus Leaf Steamed Rice. None of us touch this by the time it came. Burpp!

And some others I was too busy with the ongoing activities I didn't bother to take photos.

Remind me of Oscar Award where Titanic won the Best Picture in 1998. Did you watch it?

What Cheers? Yam Seng la!!!!

The much awaited photo :p. Photoshopped of course.

Another 2 glasses, and we could have seen somebody stripped naked! Dang! No such luck babe..

p/s: Everybody got something. I got RM150 Jusco voucher. Yeaaa I heard you.. thank God! happy?!


Desmond said...

Did that guy forget to wear something or he played strip poker backstage :)

Willie said...

Alahai...i also never win any lucky draw bah. Always no luck. We are in the same boat. Hehe

Yee sang looks delicious...and that guy? Biar betul....hahaha

Hamidah Mohamad said...

I used to win lucky draws and sponsored some of it as well haha..Nice dress you have there and that guy in the last picture, what was he thinking ? haha..just kidding.

headsteadi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nur enjel said... look stunning..and that guy 'buncit'.

headsteadi said...

Sorry for the duplicate. There's a luck you can always get anytime, anywhere ...

"Pot Luck"

Sumuk said...

Oh? That guy? He lost count of his drink. Too bad no we weren't able to see more :p

btw, he's a GM.

Willie : *alleycats=kita serupa!*

Kak Midah: Thanks. Thank God I didn't drink alcohol at all that night. Babai warned against my gastric. Otherwise, I might end up half naked too :p

nur enjel: thanks!

headsteadi : yea.. the lucky pot! more food. I'm so blessed.

One Other ... said...

Talk about Coyote Ugly! Hahah. Nice dwess.

OMG... tiger prawn...

cdason said...

ur GM?? OMG!!

That would go down in the history books for sure!!

If my bos did what ur GM did, the whole Malaysia would freak out!

Sumuk said...

One Other : Thank you. No bar, no dance haha!

cdason : Not ours. fyi, I was not so surprise as I thought I would be!

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