Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pre-CNY Rambling

Yep, it's already Saturday and the start of my 1 week forced holiday. I was initially opposing so strongly to the compulsory leave as it was informed at the end of the year when I had fully utilized my annual leave. But what can a mere 'kuli batak' do against the giant? Nothing right.

There was excitement in the office environment. I guess everybody was thinking of the long holiday ahead, not just the CNY holiday. Some of my colleagues has almost never taken any leave for the whole year and resulting in their carried forward leave from the previous year to be forfeited. We were that busy, yes, despite the economy slowing down. It's still business as usual. I should be glad I made the right choice when I left my former US-based company last year. Eventhough they are strong company and unlikely to be close down, their share prices might dropped, having change of ownership, dropped in sales due to reduce demands, and even halt in projects by customers. And that means : No bonus.

Hehe.. I think I shouldn't talk too much about my work :p. It's not that I might bored you with detail, but it is more towards our obligation and non-disclosure of sensitive information. Yep, I did signed a 1-year post-employment Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with my former employer. They are that paranoid haha. I do not like to talk about my work most of the time because of this reason. But I can assure you my working life is much more exciting than what I projected :)

Ok back to my other side of life.


Yesterday after finished working, I went back home earlier than usual as I don't have anything outstanding. I 'tapao' some homework on ISO just in case I get bore at home. Babai is unable to have extra leave as he just taken his on Christmas and had to be the attending officer. Not that he have so much to do in the office I imagined.

Since my gastric has yet to subside, Babai was really concerned about my eating schedule. We went off immediately for dinner at 7pm. Babai kept asking me where to eat as we are running out of idea. The usual kopitiam started to bore me, plus I was dressed up for dinner. I suggested to Babai few places, even asking him to surprise me. But the one thing about Babai is that he is not so adventurous on his own when it comes to new food. Somebody has to shove it on his face for him to try something different than usual. Once I tried dragging him to Korean restaurant in Midvalley, and yesterday to an Iranian restaurant in Cyberjaya, but no such luck babe..

We settled with Secret Recipe *yawn* in the end. I think I am already able to memorize their menu by now. Their food is ok, but I have tasted almost everything there. By the way, I ordered their pumpskin soup and I was dissappointed as it was not what I had imagined. Pumpkin with curry? Eugh..

Done with dinner, we bought some cheese and chocolate cake slices and headed to Ngieng's place. Haha. I think they are used to people coming and crashing their gate all the time, especially now that they have baby and newfound crazy aunty like me. By the way, Baby just got her first tooth hihi! She is growing and getting stronger and it is so exciting to see her in such a good health, and cheeky at that!

Tonight they will be having BBQ at their place, and I am planning to do my first ever Umai! Yep. Yesterday, we planned to go early this morning to Pasar Borong Selangor near our house, but Babai suggested that I have a good rest and to wait for him to come back from his riding. When he left, I tried to continue with my sleep, but the internal clock in my body just refused to shut the alarm. I got up, wandering around the house figuring out what to do.

And here I am, reading blogs and writing this post at 9.00am on Saturday morning tsk tsk..

Okla. I think I should log off now and start my task. Now, where's the laundry basket?


cdason said...

ughh.. forced leave?? That sucks..

anuyway... goodluck on the Umai..

Anonymous said...

umai... *drools*

One Other ... said...

Yep, my working life is much more exciting than what I projected too *one eyebrow lifted*. LOL.

Happy holiday dayunG! Better make good use of that 'forced' leave, u might never know when u'll have another long leave like that. :-)

lvynana said...

Happy Holiday..mintak umai sikit ;)

Sumuk said...

cdason : yeeaapp.. it sucks big time..

One Other : have to keep the fire burning you know..

Madwitchgonecrazy & lvynana : sorry to dissappoint you girls.. no umai. pas pas puong negeh!!! jak punuan tiak!

headsteadi said...

ang pow bo liaw?

don't like umai but yet i like sashimi very much. heard tenggiri is best for umai?

here's some nice link to read

Sumuk said...

aok tenggiri is best for umai, but it is also one of the most expensive. do you like kasam ikan? cos i think for someone who likes kasam ikan will also able to get use to the taste of umai. thanks for the links btw.

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