Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Nah... I am not gonna talk about anybody here. I know people reads my blog, and I know I have lots of silent reader out there. It still kinda surprise me that on and off people will quote something that I said from my blog because they enjoyed it, and occasionally someone will come up to me and ask me how am I doing because they can feel what I write in here. Previously, I thought I can write whatever I want in here especially when I am unhappy with somebody, but then I thought there are people that I care that might be affected by what I write eventhough it was not about them, so I will try to be discreet whenever possible. I'm almost reaching the big '3' anyway, so .. just trying to be matured lah haha..

The reason for the title is because I just read a posting by other blogger, and at the same time I was in the middle of Weeds- a TV series that will never make it into our shore. The phrase keep popping up in my head. You see, in Weeds, it is about a widow and a mother of two who become a drug dealer to support her children and maintaining their lifestyle, while trying very hard not to let her children involved with drugs. On a bad note, it's full of hypocrisy, but at the same time it shows sheer grit and determination of a mother while facing threat, death and fear of being caught for what she do. You might be wondering what is the similarity between this the TV series and that particular blogger? Nay.. I am not perfect, so I have to be good and just shut my mouth up *wink* Okay I just finish Season 1 that cost me a bomb, and right now I am still deciding whether to purchase the other season. Anybody want to borrow I need to charge RM5 in the hope I can recover back the cost. Kidding.

Okay, let's talk about Sumuk. Sorry to dissappoint you guys with the umai thing, but Babai seems to chicken out at the last minute with my idea. I had wanted to do the umai not because I wanted to show off, but because I had wanted to do it myself and feature it in my Food Blog, Hunter's Food From The Hut. I had promised to take lots of picture and sample our home cooking during our Christmas trip home, but unexpected event happened and I manage to only snapped few pictures during the New Year eve with my sister's cooking. So now I need more material a.k.a my own cooking to keep the blog moving. Pakai gambar orang lain ape kelasss!!! Hahaha!!

The story was that when Babai came back from his riding and we went to the wet market nearby, we could not find fresh Bawal Hitam or Ikan Yu. Ikan Tenggiri was very fresh, but it'll cost RM20/kg! My goodness! And the 1 kg will not be enough for everyone. I was literally salivating when I saw the Tenggiri and thought of umai, but Babai dragged me, actually really dragged me away from the stall. I was on the verge of crying because it came to a point where I wanted to have it soo much it made me think I must be pregnant. Ah. That's crazy haha!!

As the other fishes were frozen, Babai worried that I could not prepare the umai properly resulting it to be 'half-cooked' and poisoned everyone in the process. You cannot imagine how dissapointed I was that someone I love so much did not trust me enough with my cooking! I know it'll be my first time ever, but so far I don't remember poisoning anybody with my other cooking. He had to 'pujuk-pujuk' me and said we will do it some other time and I could prepare other thing for the BBQ. He also asked me to try buy 1 small Ikan Bawal and do the umai 'especially and only' for him. I think he did said he rather get poisoned alone..hmm. Finally I relented. We changed plan and went to Jusco to buy salad, and fruits for rojak buah. I turned down his idea to cook Fried Mee or Meehoon because I think our wok is not big enough for mass cooking, and it can be very messy.

I was glad that I did salad and the rojak, because everyone else brought meat and they also had steamboat. The kids loved the rojak, and the salad was refreshing for a change. I also couldn't stop munching on the food as we forgot to have our lunch. It was a great BBQ and good conversation going around, and I thank the host for having us there that night. I couldn't barely open my eyes by 12 midnight, so we had to excuse ourselves eventhough I know Babai had yet to warm up to the booze.

On Monday morning, as we had cancelled our plan to stay in Genting, we decided to go for a drive and went to Ipoh to visit Babai's elder sister who recently got married. We brought some stuff with us in case we decided to stay back either at their place or look for a hotel in Ipoh and raid the town at night. Unfortunately, we were quite lost due to wrong direction given and there were lots of time wasted on the road. At the same time, his sister were also having other guests at home, and they had arranged one of the guest to go back to KL with us without our knowledge. We could have stay that night and return the next day as they have suggested too, but we had to decline politely as Jake was alone at home and nobody there to feed him anyway.

Had an early dinner with them, then we made a move back to KL. It was a good journey as there was almost none of the big lorries on the highway. After reaching KL at 9.30pm and dropped the guy at the Tol Damansara, we did not feel like going home yet. Babai had wanted to go for a drink, but the only place open was Tar Chong Kopitiam, so we bought DVD (Weeds!), went home and had our nightcap.

Yesterday, woke up at 10 in the morning, and Babai was urging me to get up and change as he wanted to go breakfast at McD. While he tinkering on his car downstair, I had a quick shower instead and almost missed our breakfast. Found out that to order Mc Sausage with Egg + Cheese + Apple Pie is so much worth it than the Big Breakfast set *wink* . In the evening we made an impromptu BBQ and had the Tyller-Ngieng couple and the baby over to share our meal. Baby was having a fever, and they suspected that another tooth is on the way.

Ok this post becoming longer than I expected. I think I should raid the fridge now and look for last night's leftover. I'll be back!


Willie said...

You are reaching the number 3? HEheh welcome to the club. Hehehe..I heard in the radio, the DJ said, people feel the most beautiful when they are 32. Kekeke donno whether it is true.

I have not eaten umai for quite some time. I miss the taste though. And about your writing in the blog... i guess it cannot be helped when people were touched by it right? Just write what you feel..the true you is important.

One Other ... said...

Yes sumuk, write whatever you feel u must at the moment or the moment will pass and it wont have its desired effect anymore. :-) Panjang jugak entry u this time.

Dont worry about Babai not trusting u with doing the umai. think of it as, 'You'll thank him later" then u;ll feel better. Better to experiment with a smaller audience then the whole crowd, right? Just so u get it perfect the second time.

Sumuk said...

wohohoo hehe cannottt.. have to self-censored la. I don't want what I write today come back to haunt me later. In fact, I might not have a likeable character to some, but sometimes I am just too nice to hurt people's feeling with what I said when I was in anger. I use to lash back when I feel threathened, but I believe I have mellowed down so much. I can be emo once in a while, only that the temper has improved a lot thanks to Babai..

By the way Willie, I wonder why 32? Err.. am not really looking forward to 32 to know how it feel, I am even worried to reach the big 3 itself :p

One Other, I think I should stick to the plot next time. That's what you get when u tried to cram long holiday event into one posting hehe..

nur enjel said...

I know what you mean sumuk is better for us to be a little bit careful and conscious.Just don't let it eliminate the true you .you need to be yourself genuinely and that's important for you to be heavenly happy .

Sumuk said...

thanks nur enjel. and hey, welcome to my blog :D

headsteadi said...

Tulislah panjang agik. Mcm tergantung jak cerita. Who's the kettle and who's the pot? Nowadays, kettle don't turn black thanks to electric kettle :-p

Sumuk said...

Biarla tergantung, kita buat sindir-sindir bah. Sindir pun mesti bertapis, takut nanti ada yg putus kawan kihkih! Pot still need the kettle, cannot boil water while frying the chicken (amende la aku cakap ni)

headsteadi said...

i thought u don't mind putus kawan?

Sumuk said...

Haha!! I'm ok with that, but for other people's sake, I'd better think twice.

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