Saturday, January 17, 2009

La la la Laksa

Warghhh.. ular tahap dewaa!!


That's how I described myself right now.

I woke up at my usual hour today while Babai is getting ready for his weekly ride. He bought some vege pao last night, so I steamed it this morning while preparing Jake's food. While he and the gang feast on the tiny breakfast, I got myself busy by feeding Jake and putting in the laundry. Off Babai went, and I was left alone starring at the 4 walls around me.

What should I do? Clean the house? Ermm.. not today. Fold the clothes, done. Sweep the floor? Ah. Ok. Water the flower? ... Done. Checked my blogs and other people's blog? Ermm.. not many updating their blogs today. Sigh.

It was still 10.30am and my stomach started complaining. I got another 3hrs left until Babai came back for lunch. That's a lot of time. What shall I do? Ahah.. I have the laksa paste. To prepare all the ingredients can take a lot of time, and enough to make myself busy.

But wait! I have never cooked Laksa Sarawak before! It has always been Babai. Am I daring enough to do it? Hmpph.. I should try.

Off to Jusco Equine, bought all the necessary stuffs e.g bean sprout, chicken breast, prawn, parsley, eggs, lime, rice vercimelli and coconut milk. Planning to do litte BBQ with Babai and Ramblin' Dude if he decided to show up tonight, so I bought some chicken wing and veges for salad. All together RM60++. Ouch.

Went home. Immediately started working on the Laksa. One and a half hour later, done with all the garnishing plus the Laksa gravy. Hehe.. felt so triumphant over my lone effort in preparing the laksa. Not bad, not bad.

It's already 1.00 pm. Sms Babai to let him know of my special treat today. Was about to start on the chicken marinating when Babai called me 15min later.

Oh no!

Babai is still in Kuala Klawang town, which is like 1 hour away. Ngieng and another rider, Wat had a crash. My heart skipped a beat, but Babai assured me that all riders were ok eventoough both the bikes suffered.

I went ahead with my lunch alone while watching Hindi movie. 1 bowl of Laksa.

Another 45mins later, I had no idea what to do, so I went for another bowl haha!! That's explained my snake state right now :D

Tomorrow I will be going to see a uni friend together with another friend who lives nearby. That's the wonder of Facebook, we managed to find each other after 5 years we last seen each others. I guess the waning economic situation also helps. People are getting less busy nowadays, and it is times to reconnect the lost line.


amiey alen said...

cant you please tell me the recipe? i want to try to do it too... sarawak laksa one... :)

Hamidah Mohamad said...

I like laksa Sarawak too but just too lazy to cook and prepare the so-many ingredients.Such a messy job hehe...

Sumuk said...

amiey alen:
i got the recipe fr the back of the packet. basically, u cooked the paste with water for 1/2 hour, filter and add in santan. add in a bit of belacan and salt to taste. MSG if required. the garnishings are quite easy but require a long time to prepare.

Kak Midah : Ya lor.. It's a wonder I did it all alone and even get good review :D

One Other ... said...

Wah... Saturday laksa! Ney gambar ney? I dont like the messy job too. Buat gravy pun dah 1 benda. Go to Chong Choon lagi cepat. hehe

Sumuk said...

Ah sorry la dayung. semua sudah masuk perut, sik sempat maok recharge battery camera. kat Kuching ada Chong Choon senangla. Here the nearest and acceptable are Tmn Megah and Bangsar. so no choice lor. Either do yourself or harap kawan2 ada masak hihi!!

Willie said...

Thanks to facebook right? And thanks for your link to my fB

Sumuk said...

small matter willie..

headsteadi said...

shahmat balit kch for good????

Sumuk said...

lerrrrrrrrrrrr... lambat crita..

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