Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am under silent mode at the moment.
Have not spoken much these few days.

at least I managed to finish a novel which I bought 2 years ago :p
Not a great book, but enough to occupy my mind without too much processing of information.

I think. I'm gonna start digging my box full of second hand novels that I bought on impulse a while back..

Arghh.. I love the smells of old books..
It reminds me of my schools library :)


Willie said...

Aduh...what happen if it smells cockroach?

Sumuk said...

wow.. that must be one of the cockroach which can read. :p

i don't know why but so far my little bookshelf back home has never been visited by cockroach, eventhough nobody occupy my room. guess they are all illiterate muahaha

p/: if i do, i spray the book with perfume first. can?

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