Monday, December 15, 2008

Not So Little

Sorry guys I don't feel like talking craps in here this few days.
Need to let off my steam in the other private blog.
Anyway, just so that you don't feel cheated with my short update, here's my little garden progress. Hardly can be called little now I think.


Willie said...

Can save money on vege. Ahaks!

Sumuk said...

Nay...! If calculate all the fertilizer, petrol and the time spent, tak balik modal la brother :D .. just for fun..

One Other ... said...

Lovely! Cukuplah just 2 pokok jak for u and babai, assuming both berbuah? Hehehe. Once it bears fruit, post again dayung!

Sumuk said...

LOL!! saya petani berhemah.. have to keep some for new seedling aharks! so calculate calculate, maybe enough 1 for me, 1 for babai only.

ok, no problem. I think it will bear fruits by the end of January. *squeel* can't wait..

cdason said...

hahaha... no komen... at least tak nampak sangat spiderwebs at this blog.

p/s.. I feel cheated..haahhhaa

Sumuk said...

okok.. i'll try my best haha!!

Gallivanter said...

My GF and I waste lots of moolah buying greens @ Sg Buloh. Sudah hampir bankrupt sia ni bah! LOL!

I wish I had a house with compound instead of a condo.

Sumuk said...

Faster faster move to landed house LOL!!

I had the same dilemma before. Had always wanted to buy greens to make my apartment more lovely, but it kinda messy whenever I need to water them. Plus we had very limited space, so the satisfaction was not really there.

Now that we stay on landed property, at least when I'm stressed I can start pulling out the weeds slowly by hand. It helps! :D

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