Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Personal with Tony Fernandes

I got a personal email from Mr Tony himself today. *Gasp*

No lar... I'm sure everybody is getting the same email by now.

Anyway, after reading the email that he sent to us, my 'read-between-the-line' sense seems to be sending a lot of messages.

Here is what I have picked up from his 'sincere words' by the big man himself.

Dear AirAsia Guests,

I notice that lately we have received numerous complaints on our Call Centre response time. 1. I admit my short-coming, but.. This is due to the huge success of AirAsia X, especially with the Perth and Melbourne route announcements. 2. But it's not like what you are thinking. These new, exciting long-haul routes have resulted in longer talk-time between callers and our agents and subsequently caused our lines to be congested. 3. Honest to gawd!

We did not anticipate this sudden surge in calls volume. However our Call Centre team headed by Sri Velayuthan has now identified and worked with our IT department to upgrade the Call Centre facility. 4. I'm showing my sincerity by giving you names.

By Nov 6, our Call Centre will have enough agents and sufficient IT infrastructure to deal with the influx. By this, we aim to improve our Call Centre performance to 90% i.e. a drop call rate of 10% only. 5. We are not perfect. You wouldn't realise you are (most of u) one of the 10% statistic anyway. *Shrug*

By January, we'll be moving to a high-tech Call Centre 6. last time we use human, now we use machine to answer you.. to cater to more calls.

We sincerely apologise for the frustrations caused by our Call Centre congestion but this is only due to our overwhelming business expansion. 7. whatever..yawn.. We have always been mindful in increasing cost as it will certainly lead to increasing fares. 8. I will charge you for wearing your gold necklace/earring/or obese because you'll make the plane heavier. Travel lights, you peeps! As the People's Airline, this is the last thing we want to happen. 9. But it does happened, you know.. we couldn't avoid it..

We acknowledge that technology will cost us more but at the same time we are committed to giving you excellent service. 10. no money, no talk my friend. i'm still going to charge you for this.. you asked for it didn't u?

On another note, I have been working very hard with the team at AirAsia to look at reducing our fuel surcharge and you should look forward to the good news in the next couple of months. 11. you complained last time, but we are still the lowest right? So **** off. In the meantime, if you have any problems or enquiries, do not hesitate to email Sri Velayuthan ( or Hani Mohamad ( Having a combined experience of 15 years in customer service between them, they will be happy to assist you. 12. That is, if my high tech call center couldn't handle you..

Best regards,
Tony Fernandes
13. It's me myself, the big boss. Cos I care about you..and your business=money

Ok. Those are just fictional thoughts. I'm too poor for them to sue me anyway.. and I still travel by Airasia... my money=their business..


tikiyung said... money=their business, have to lor coz still cheapest than MAS. MAS meal suck, I rather buy nasi lemak online lol!

Sumuk said...

i'm fine with MAS food, except when they serve the cold meal. what on earth were they thinking? i would have open up the window and throw it from there if given the choice.

cdason said...

got the same email... It really took some time for Mr Tony to realize that his phone lines are hard to get through...

Should have corrected this months ago!

Sumuk said...

i never rely on their customer service, cos it was always engaged. luckily so far i dont have much glitches with my online purchase with them..

4 a BeTTer W0r1d said...

Actually Air Asia is pretty much like TM Streamyx. Both of them have lousy customer service. However, Air Asia is better because you pay less compare to other airline. On the other hand, we nid to pay more for screamyx compared to other countries but the connection speed is totally "snailmyx"

Sumuk said...

4 a BeTTer W0r1d:
yeaaa.. i heard that a lot. both gave us crappy service.. no frill doesnt mean we have to put up with the delays. at the same time, they wanted to lower down the price, but at the same creating new charges, of which we are always at the loosing end. For streamyx, i heard lots of complaint, yet u can see their marketing team been hanging around under the trees waiting for new unsuspecting customers. this is what we get when the market is being monopolized, we as the customer is getting bullied all the time.

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