Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Prophet is Here!?!

See what a mere mortal man from Malaysia can do to us? He can caused massive traffic jam!!

I heard the news of Dr. Anwar Ibrahim's arrest last night, but I did not take much heed of it.

Because of the directive from the management yesterday urged us to be in the office on time, I took the effort to be at least 15 minutes earlier than usual.

At first, when I reached the Puchong-Bukit Jalil highway into the jam, my first thinking was, 'there must be an accident ahead'. But after 3-5km and there was no accident to be seen, I thought, that was very unusual. It was already 9.30am and I was still stucked in the jam. I immediately called my office to inform them of my situation. I flipped on the radio and not long after, the 'Traffic Rangers' programmed mentioned that roadblock had been setup at the main highway and road leading to city center, including LDP.

I missed the Monday craze because I was on MC. I read about the massive traffic jam on the news and couldnt imagine its intensity then.

Now i know. Just because of this one man, I believe the enforcement has been over-reacting. We need to get to work on time to earn our living, but there is no point if our job is being jeopardized for this one man. I dont normally bother about politics, but this is madness to me. Just pure stupidity. I can imagine not only we as the normal worker in the country got affected by this, but also those oversea investors and big guns who were on their way on an important meeting in the city.

I don't know how you see him, but looking at this, he is like a Prophet already. Whether you like him, or you really hate him.

This is really unnecessary!


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