Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Creating A Mess..Beware!

It's 10.50am Sunday, and Im lazing around the house with only Jake at the back. He's been trying to stalk the neigbor's cats from our side of fence. Dream on la Jake!

Babai and Robin had went off for their adventure at 8.15am with their respective Italian girlfriends . They would dropped by Ngieng's house who's riding a Suzuki. This week it should be Kuala Klawang route again Awana Genting. So much so to wait for him to improve on my blog eh?

Checking my blog, I have noticed that it's taking a longer time to load due to my recent addition of colums and widgets. Yup! It's time for a make over! As I was deciding on whether to make my own template or completely use free Blogger templates around, I plan to change my current template to Minima Dark. So that if I decided to custome made it, this template would be one of the easiest to modify.

So friends, beware. There will be lots of messing up in my blog from this moment onwards. And to those who called themselves my good friend ehem.. you know who you are.. This is the best time to give me your most non-censored comment, strike me where it matters the most with your cruel and straight forward critics! Or else! Else..Hmm.. what ah?


Blog Makeover by Jean Chia | Doggie Illustration by Dapino, Edited by Jean Chia