Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Blissful Saturday

Heh.. Today was really a blissful day.

First, I had intended to wake up late. But ended up I woke up at 7am, 1 hour earlier than my normal working days ciss. But i urged Babai to take the chance to have a morning walk around the neighborhood with me. But first, I had to finish the first batch of laundry. However, we ended up fooling around the house, played with Jake, washing the dishes and cleaning up the room a bit, and oopss it was already 9pm. On which we couldnt even managed to take our running shoes out. But still it was such a great morning to me.

Then, since my RCIA (Rite of Christian Initian for Adult) replacement class in SFX will only started at 10.30am, I took my time showering and putting myself up together. I let Babai of the hook this time, as he as my sponsor for the RCIA was not obliged to come. He took the chance to send his bike to Ducati's workshop in Naza Motor PJ, which was not far from SFX.

The class which was supposed to finish at 12pm, had finished half hour earlier than scheduled. Another great speaker name Martin. I managed to enjoy myself. Good. :)

Then off to PJ Newtown to meet up with Babai. Waited for him there for 1 hr before he finally showed up on his bike, and giving funny excuses :p. Nevermind, I was so hungry I just let it go. So happened crew were having their lunch in the same restaurant. After they finished their break, we joined the fun on which they were doing lots of games and distribute giveaways. Uuuhh.. I just love freebies, especially when I saw the girls was flagging some cool shirts and Rihanna CD hihihi. I managed to win one of the games, and I got to choose the prize they were giving, on which I chose Rihanna's original CD yeaayyyy!!!!

Our winning hihi!! So kiasu!

We headed home separately, and I finished up drying the laundry. Around 3pm, Babai brought his biker friend Robin from Kuching, who just bought 1000cc Aprilia Year 2004 bike in Sunway (wow..) After locking up, we all went to Cititel Midvalley to find him a room.

The best thing happened today was that, Midvalley is on Megasale!!! What else can make me happier than this! I did not waste my time, as I have not been doing any shopping since the day I started my new job in my current company 5 months ago. I let Babai and Robin to check the room availability, as I detoured to Vincci shop. Yea.. I've been complaining about Vincci shoes lately, but I still likes to buy them. And how can I resist when all other shoes are on 20% discount, and some of it are even on 50% discount??!! I don't care the shoes are from the previous season. As long as it looked good on me. See how crazy I am?

3 sekawan..

A 2 inch high heeled ballerina shoes

A 1 1/2 inch slip sandal..

And a 2 inch peeptoe.

And all of it cost me only RM155 for 3 pairs of shoes my dear friends!!! I am the happiest woman today wuhoo!!! Huhu.. I dont know which shoes Im going to 'officiate' first. I just love them all!

As there were no more room available in Cititel, Robin decided to stay in Shangri-La Putrajaya. On the way sending him there, we dropped by Asia Cafe, Subang to have a good hawker style Asian dinner.

As Im writing this post, Im wearing the cream colored ballerina shoes to make it wearable sooner :D


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