Saturday, February 13, 2010

Enjoy It While We Can

I'll be having 1 week long holiday due to force holiday, and this year I lost the energy to fight for my right as I know it's a loosing battle. What to do then, I'm still living on my paycheque.

Babai decided to go to Elite track to try out on his cub tomorrow, as I'll be finishing the last 2 orders of Strawberry Layer cake I received previously. On Sunday, we'll be making our way to JB to visit relatives, and will be back by Tuesday, if we decided not to make a day trip to Singapore. Other than that, am not sure how am I going to finish off my holiday as we did not planned a trip elsewhere. From what I heard from the managers, all the hotels are fully book, and taking a flight out from KL to everywhere else are all outrageous. That would means, we would choose someplace where it is convinient to drive and not as far from KL.

Anyway, I am very sure that all of us will sighing by the end of the week realizing how it all end too soon. Enjoy it while we can ya!


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