Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Not Enough

On behalf of me and my husband, I would like to say thank you to everyone who were part of the wedding, even though we know 'thank you' will never be enough.

First and foremost, to the families who have made the wedding celebration a beautiful memory for us. I know there were many shortcomings especially at the last moment, but we have worked together and did not let the imperfection to hamper the planning. Instead, we had overcome it. Eventhough I wish that we can go back to the moments and will do some things differently, I am so glad that everything went ahead and I will remember all the beautiful parts of it.

To the relatives who were part of the wedding preparation, thanks for all the help extended to us. Without you all, we could never imagine doing all of it by ourselves.

To the guest who have come, thank you for being there for us. We were so honoured to have you there. Thanks for the gift and token, we appreciate them a lot. If there were any inconvenience and imperfection, we apologize deeply, it is our fault. Hope you have enjoyed yourself, if you did not, sorry again.

To my friends who were such a sport that night, thanks *wink* love you all muah!!

We will be going off for our local honeymoon tomorrow. It would be only two of us to enjoy quiet time and recuperate from the 'chaos' :D

I will not post any of the pre-wedding and wedding photo here (err, well maybe 1 or two), but I'll put up in Facebook for close friends to see. So please do check my Facebook after Christmas ya!


cyrildason said...

Honeymoon =D

Anyway, congratulations on officially being 'one' in the eyes of the public =) May you both live a long and beautiful life together.

Desmond said...

:) welcome to the club

Sumuk said...

cyril & desmond : Thank you! :D

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