Friday, December 4, 2009

DIY Wedding Ring Pillow

I am not known for my art or creative skills. I don't even consider to be under 'ladylike' category (at least that's what Babai said). Yesterday I was browsing for some stuff for the weddings online, and I found it very hard to buy simple but elegant Wedding Ring Pillow. I found one that makes my 'heart beats faster', but too bad the item came from US, and the shipping cost more than the pillow itself, and the total price should be about RM 189 (USD55.90). So sayang. I found one in local ebay, looks very simple and the price was cheap, so I bought it. It should reached me by next week.

Meanwhile, I was so geram cos I again and again realized how important is sewing skill to me. I know what I can do, if only I have the skill. Anyway, last night, since Babai was so stressed thinking about his presentation for Friday, I decided not to switch on the TV but do something else. So I came up with this..

Style 1

Style 2

Nice or not?

The material are all 'barangan terpakai', whatever I could find in the store last night. The only sewing I need is to create the plump part in the center. I thought it looks decent. But the pillow case was actually seen thru hardship, and looks worn out. If I use this for the wedding ceremony, will anyone notice? Hehe..


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Nice. Terrer you buat. Respek la. Hoep you can share the photo of that pillow next week.

lvynana said...

sangon, tp asal pakai kain baru lagi sangon maybe, kan muu ponai jahit tangan doh..suba sija bah.

Sumuk said...

Willie : hehe. biasa jak.. yep, awaiting for the real pillow :D

lvynana : ogi geh yok soba. pak pakai jait tongan result doi sikia kemas leh saaiku. ogi masa kelak soba gik.. mana tau boleh jual hikhik.

cyrildason said...

Uhh.. Waahhh.. Tats nice.. I always liked white for weddings.

Anonymous said...

nice leh...but do you think it will look nicer if you make the ribbon wrap like present? cross shape instead of one side wrap around only?

Sumuk said...

cyril : those are ivory. once u start ur own wedding, u'll know the difference huhu..

freeweelee: good idea. was thinking of that too, but ribbon not long enough.

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