Monday, November 2, 2009

Waking Up on The Wrong Side of the Bed

I must have been waking up on the wrong side of bed this morning. Everything seems to be wrong. The moment I opened my eyes, Babai just couldn’t wait to deliver the bad news and pinched my arm. What was that all about?

It turned out that William, who has become a permanent resident in our house, left a wake-up present in the form of smelly and half-juicy poo in her food container that I bought for her last week, plus with some spill over because of miss-shoot. And the container was still full of her tidbits. Euww!! Disgusting la William! And because of the smell, she herself couldn’t stand it and slept on the dining table….. such a naughty pregnant bitch!

I left the house with unlocked gate because I couldn’t clip the padlock. Gave Babai an emergency call while driving behind a slow-moving excavator, and he called me ‘short-sighted’ just because I didn’t try locking it using the key. If only one can hear the phone being slammed when you cut-short a handphone-call in anger, he might be half-deaf by now..grr..

Then on KESAS highway, the jam was soo bad. Why the oil-tanker has to hit the lorry today? I went off from home early in the hope that today I’ll have a better attendance record to show to my management, but this! I don’t need this! Not today!! Arrghh! I could feel some sharp glance somewhere stabbing behind my back on the way to my room.

Thinking about work in the office which has been piling up, and yet I don’t have the mood at all to do any of them. Plus thinking about some of ‘funny character’ somewhere up there, makes me wish that I am somewhere else doing my own thing. I even have the urge to update my CV.. I felt that lately my burden is unbearable. I don’t know why I feel this way.

In my quest to overcome my allergy to coffee by starting to take Oldtown Coffee, now I'm suffering from giddiness and dizziness. My fingers twitching like mad, and my heart beats like I'm nervous of something. Tonight, Im having an appointment at the dentist to do a root canal treatment. I'm scared shit right now thinking about it.

I started to feel like the whole world is against me and wondering whether I am at the brink of a depression or a pure fatigue, recalling back all the bad moments I had for the past October. It’s was such a tiring month. I have been working all Saturdays including the day I went to CMPC, and few local and outstation travellings during weekdays.. By Sunday, I just lay slumped on the couch and could barely lifted my finger to do any houseworks.

I just couldn’t wait till December. I need to rest my mind badly….


lvynana said...

sabar muk.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Oh gee...such a bad day. Sabar je la

Sumuk said...

aok thanks. maybe it's just the day of the month thing.

Robert Lau said...

Rainy days and Monday always get me down...
What a DAY...The Jam at the Kesas!!!!

...and It is raining NOW!!!! I type...couldn't do my 10km run.

...Hopefully....tomorrow will be a better day....


Gallivanter said...

Eeek, just reading this post, I'm stressed, I can only imagine how you must feel. Yes, I'm counting down to December too! :-)

Sumuk said...

Yep. today is so much a better day! Can help feeling gay....

haha! that's rhyme!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sumuk, its just one of the days when things gow wrong, they come in twos or threes.
Noticed you love dogs.
Me too, preferably Dobermans, they don't shed hair like at a barber shop.

Also love the Alaskan Malmute or Husky...they're beautiful dogs.
You just stay easy and have a glass of iced coffee, you'll be fine.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, lee.

Coffee Girl... said...

Ah... one of those rare The-World-Against-Sumuk-Day. :-) relax. On the other hand, It's The-World-For-CoffeeGirl-Day today! :-) u'r allergic to coffee? That's a really sad news! sikhal, u minum teh i minum kopi jak.

Who hang up on u? Babai? uh-oh... the first sign of your married life in sight.

Sumuk said...

Uncle Lee,
Welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping an encouring comment. I love cats and dogs.. i agree, siberian husky is one beautiful dogs. i prefer larger dogs, but they can be a handful sometimes..

Coffee girl;
mana u ilang babe? yea.. it's those days of-the-month thing i guess, it'll never ends.

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