Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Down Under

Again, I am blogging from our office in Singapore. *Tired*

My trip this time is exactly the same timing as last week's trip, minus my travelling 'partner'. At least nobody will wait around for me and I can take as much time as I want going around.

Reached Changi Airport half an hour later than expected due to unknown delay. The weather today is good. The hotel I'm staying is a budget hotel located at Harbourfront, in Kampung Bahru vicinity. Quite a contrast from the previous business hotel that we stayed in. The moment I went in, I smelled the old wharf of the carpet. I'm not so fussy anyway, for SDG88, I just bear with it.

Will be back to KL on Thursday night. Hopefully I can drop by to Vivocity, one of the nearest mall to the hotel I'm staying, just in case I can find something really irresistable hehe..


amieyalen said...

Singapore again Sis? So lucky la you.... Really wish to go there now....

but yala... the thing yg tak best... org cuti you kerja... di singapore lagi tu... jauh dr family... *hugs*

Sumuk said...

Yala. Kan bagus kalau I ada seguni duit..

cyril said...

i wish I could go to singapore.. huhuh.. been wanting to go there since like.. forever..

Sumuk said...

alamak... got direct flight.. summore so cheap! go la my friend. the hotel i stay now only SGD88 per night. of cos u can afford it! singapore sale is until July. must take the chance now :D

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