Thursday, April 2, 2009


Went to Kota Bharu, Kelantan yesterday for a day work trip. Overestimated when choosing the return flight, had about 4 hours to kill before the departure. My last trip to Kelantan was in 2005 for a company trip to Pulau Perhentian. A lot of changes can be seen in Kota Bahru town.. I bought two batik nightgown which my niece ordered December last year.

Will be off to Kuching today with Airasia at 5pm, hopefully a slight delay because Babai choosed MAS 8pm. I couldnt resist the RM38 (total cost) Airasia :D

There are many agendas for this trip, but our highlight would be Ba Jang 100th day of departure on this Friday. I am glad I could make it despite initial worrying about clashing with SFX RCIA-Sunday Palm's celebration, but I was informed that it is not compulsory for me to join.

Another agenda would be hunting for bridal house, most probably on Saturday. Hopefully the bridal houses are not too occupied with people. Other than that, I will try to go back kampung to see my sister about the guest list that she should have prepared for me.

Still not feeling so good after a brief bout of flu since Friday last week. Babai is infected too, and I had a hard time forcing him to down the flu med and the Vit C.

I can foresee next week would be a busy week for me. My bosses will be around, and there are already few tenders coming in. I had no intention to bring my laptop back with me, but my manager already reminded me to make a copy of some important document so I can go through and work out something during my absence. Argh.. No escape..


Willie said...

Wah...nice...going to kuching...bridal house? Want to use my friend's service? or I can recommend you another one. Hehehe

One Other ... said...

New layout? nice pup! :-)

anyway, di kuching dah kah?

amieyalen said...

looking for bridal?
go to Wedding touch in Batu 3...
i can 4 sure you that...
my sister went there, and absolutely great!!! :)
just my suggestion...:D

Sumuk said...

Willie & Amiey : Thanks for the recommendation.

One Other : Just got back fr Kuching last nite!

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