Sunday, March 8, 2009

When Enough Is Enough

I am not sure exactly when is the Women's Day. I don't really understand the purpose of this special day on top of other commemorative days we already have, and how big is the impact really. Women, should be celebrated continuously in my humble opinion.

What I am about to say is not really gonna be another popular opinion, but what I honestly felt without trying to be different for the sake of being different. Before I start, I would like to make you understand that I totally against abuse against women, and any form of violence to women is totally unacceptable.

So does the act of violence towards an American singer none other than Rihanna. You must heard of it by now do you? What his boyfriend, Chris Brown did to her must be condemned and should not have happened.

However, this is not really what I wanted to say here. Yes, Chris Brown should be punished when he laid his hands to Rihanna, but I did not really blamed him totally. Why is that so?

Imagine this scenario. Chris Brown has hit and punched his partner. But why? Did we ever stopped for a minute, while we keep on blaming Brown and pour all our heart to Rihannas, to ponder why does all this happened in the first place? Did you ever consider that Chris Brown was actually inflicted with mental abuse from Rihanna?

I could tell that from the very beginning, Rihanna's was obsessed with Brown. There is nothing wrong with love-struck, but their relationship reminds me so much of 'Whitney feat Bobby'. It is not a mere love-struck anymore, but love-obsessed. It was that bad until it eaten up Whitney's being. How could such a powerful women who could do anything, can let herself subjected to that kind of physical abuse?

Ok, put yourself in this situation. Can you imagine if your wife keeps on checking on your whereabout, who you go out with, wanted you to be around her 24/7, spied on you, interrogate and hurled abusive words at you just because you turn your head at a passing car and so happen there's another woman was standing there? Not just that, she became so clingy, and kept on talking about other women whom she suspected having affair with you, and even felt jealous when you talk about your mother. All these are merely for 'illustration' purposes, but I think you get my drift. Do you think you can tolerate this for so long? It might be cute in the beginning, but you'll feel smothered, stuffy and choked sooner or later. For me, Brown just hit his maximum level, not even realising that enough is enough and it all triggered an anger so powerful that he might have even killed.

Think about this. If a physical abuse is wrong, what makes a mental abuse right, irregardless of whether it is done by men or women?

I know what I am talking about. It takes one to know one, eventhough it is the other way round. It was all in the past though, so I wont divulge any of it anymore. Let's just take it as I know exactly how it felt.

This kind of relationship is very unhealthy, but as the couple can be very emotionally involved, to end it is easier said than done. If Rihanna doesn't watch out, she would just become another Whitney in the making, thus ruining her brighter-than-the-star career.

What my post actually trying to relate to our less than ordinary life is that, for both parties to recoqnise all the symptoms of love-obsession before it goes out of control. Avoid one if possible. As a women, be strong, especially mentally, never let any man lay a hand on us, and know when to end it. Yeaa.. it's easier than done, I know.

Who do you sided on anyway?


Cyril Dason said...

uhh. I know what you mean... You get tired, burned out and fed-up when you feel strangled..

too much of something is never good..

Sumuk said...

yep. like testing a tiny branch to see how far it can bend before it snapped, without realising where is the end of the branch.

One Other ... said...

Any kind of abuse is wrong. We dont really know what happened between Rihanna and Brown... but the fact remains that domestic violence is a crime of a most intimate nature. It should never take place, regardless of what triggered it.

Why cant everybody be like me? When the going gets tough, shut down and go take a long long drive. Wont hurt anyone and you sure cud use some fresh air.

Sumuk said...

Yes, we won't know. But some people can read body language :)

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