Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something New.. To Me.

I got a lot of crazy ideas lately.
Ideas for self-improvement.
Ideas for changes.
Ideas to actually and finally live my dreams.

One of the thing that I am going to do might actually involve photography, indirectly. I know, everybody is doing photography one way or another, professional or otherwise. *Shrug* it doesn't matter right?

I thought professional photographers are expensive, and the thing that I wanted to do does not really need a high-end quality photo. So, might as well I start learning how to take photograph myself right? So, I don't need to hire photographer, save cost haha..

So end up last Sunday, I spent almost the entire day reading DIY Learning Photography online, at the same time meddling with the manual setting of Babai's old Sony T70. Hehe.. It's like I received a whole new perception of what that camera can do.. Of course I am far from there, and I realized the more of the camera's limitation, but hey, at least whatever function is there, I can actually finally used it instead of Point-And-Shoot Function all the time.

Just to share with you. I know, nothing spectacular. Still, I want to show hehe..

Auto Setting.

Manual Setting. One of the best shot I took with different settings.

Babai's comment: Too much exposure. That's ok. At least now I know what's each of the function is for. See if I can improve more next week.


Hamidah Mohamad said...

Those look good enough to me,coz I know nothing about photography ...malas nak belajar semua ya bah hehe..

Anonymous said...

welcome to the world of photography... when wanna buy DSLR? hehe

Willie said...

Wah! A good choice of interest. You can join our club.

Sumuk said...

Kak Midah : It's never too late for everything, right? New hobby or new knowledge is always exciting..

freeweelee: Ooppss.. hang in there bruder.. that'll be another, err.. years?? haha!

Willie : Oh no.. I'm still a newbie, I'm not elligible yet :p

nur enjel said...

well..well..Sumuk and her secret talent.Thus,you can learn from Willie my dear.

One Other ... said...

id ask back... exposure? what kind? flash? wind? SPF? shows a lot of wat i know too. hahaha. but who cares... the orangish in the centre is enough attraction. to the untrained eyes, that is. asal sendiri bahagia, ok lah

Sumuk said...

nur enjel : hehe.. it's not about talent. it's just a learning process, for me at least.

One other : you don't need an untrained eyes to know that the shots are not a good one :). it was only testing of the functions, not so much of the arts of taking photos.

Desmond said...

Yea...more great photos coming up in future postings?

Sumuk said...

I doubt it, but any improvement at all is a blessing :D

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