Monday, March 23, 2009

Smile Babe. Smile

Am supposed to go for a Seminar on Contract Administration today and tomorrow in PJ, but stopped by second Big Boss, so that I can entertain some weird English-talking Frenchmen. For a week!.. arghh for godsake. Is smiling enough an entertainment?


Willie said...

MEsti malas nak entertain org kan? Hahaha

nur enjel said...

:) Good Luck to you babe

Anonymous said...

oh la la...ils sont francais??
bonne chance pour toi ;)

Sumuk said...

Willie : mmg malas.. tsk tsk..

nur enjel : thank you. we'll survive them ;)

Madwitch: oui.. erm.. ils un vieil homme..

Desmond said...

Sacre Bleu!! Did mademoiselle enjoy le French companion?

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