Friday, March 27, 2009


I start to feel a bit feverish since this morning. Now I got a running nose. Erm. I can't remember when was the last time I had my flu. Haven't been having flu for quite sometimes I think. Since last weekend, it has been raining briefly now and then, and I might have caught the bug while running into my car in the rain. Sigh.. It's weekend yo, I want to enjoy it. I am NOT going to be sick! It's all in the mind, it's all in the mind, it's all in the mind........

Talking about running, I saw some interesting discussion on Facebook among my friends. There will be a KL Marathon 2009 on 28th June.

The last time I joined (and finished) a major marathon was The Star-PJ Half-Marathon in 1999. 6 months after that I joined MBSA Marathon, which I didn't finish because the organizer did not provide enough water on the last 5km (I swear!).. Well, that MBSA marathon was the worst organized event ever. Erkss.. Damn.. Those were 10 years ago! How fast times flies huh!

Since the schedule of my wedding photoshoot will be on the second half of the year, I really need to keep myself lean but fit. But the photoshoot itself seems to be months away (excuses, excuses), I need another motivation to start warming up my jogging shoes. The problem with the place I stay at the moment is the lack of park to jog. There's a lake in front of my office, but I don't really like changing my clothes from the office, and I have yet to master the art of changing cloth in the car :D.

Still, these are excuses, so I thought, why not I register for the marathon and get myself started from now? It doesn't matter whether I will be around or not at that time. At the moment, I will still have the time to train as my work is not as crazy.


Oopss.. While going through the KL Marathon 2009 website, I got myself registered for the 10km! Hehehe.


lvynana said...

10km, hebat la uu..

fonsusz said...

bagus2 badan sehat otak pun cerdas...i know u can run more than that, mcm pusing kolej 10 kali jak bah!

Sumuk said...

belom lari, belom hebat. setakat register, mmg la hebat :D

fonsusz: aok hor. terkenang zaman ya terkedek-kedek ngeliling kolej aharks!

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