Sunday, March 29, 2009

Did You Survive?

We were aware of the Earth Hour campaign which were going around. I read about this Earth Hour somewhere few years ago, and I personally support it.

This year is Malaysia's first Earth Hour, and I looked forward to actually see what will happened that night. Of course, as usual there are some resistance towards this idea, some says that it does not really beneficial, and some says that it'll make their life difficult. For those who said that it's not beneficial, please read more on this campaign, and for those who said that it'll make their life difficult, grow up!

Earth Hour campaign is not compulsory. Nobody put you at gunpoint by not switching off your electrical equipment. It does not matter if you think that your action of flipping of that power button will not save the world. But if you do, do it from your heart, think what is best for YOURSELF. You are born with a brain, use it. If you still does not believe in it, well, that's ok *shrug*

But for us, we would love to be able to do something, eventhough how insignificant it is. Why not? It didn't do us any harm. It was not that difficult.

Now, the question for us was, how are we going to survive the 1 hour? Prior to that, I never discussed it with Babai. On Saturday evening, after taking a nap and cancelling my appointment to see One Other, me and Babai changed to go to the tiny park near our place. Luckily, it just rained and it was quite a breezy evening. I managed to sweat a bit, and we talked for a while at the park. We remembered about the Earth Hour at about 8.25pm when suddenly the houses near the park became dark. We rushed to our house, switched off the main power and our handphone, and Babai dragged the chairs outside. We noticed that few of our nearest neighbor's house also darken completely.

How did we spent the one hour? Well.. just talking. It was nice having a chat without any distraction from the tv's, ringing phones and the laptops. Babai gave me a basic crash course about the difference between 2T and 4T oil, and also 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine. I retold him about my adventure to Cambodia in 2005, and he learned how I had braved a pick-pocket who tried to steal my handphone at the border. We enjoyed the time spent outside there looking at the stars and marvel at how quite and peaceful was our neighborhood.

We survived. How about you?


Hamidah Mohamad said...

Yeah...I survived it and I feel good about it. :)

lvynana said...

Kami on TV, Eugene nak tgk ceria..layan jer la..yg lain off. Daddy isi borang LHDN dlm gelap..kiki

fonsusz said...

aku switch off all electric appliances n keluar dr rumah pegi makan. neighbour sebelah completly bergelap.

Sumuk said...

Kak Midah : Obviously hihi! This is just a beginning ya.

lvynana : Eugene sik nanya kenak Daddy molah kerja dlm gelap tek?

fonsusz: must be quite isn't it? we did enjoy the dark too.

amieyalen said...

i enjoyed the dark just for few minutes... then went to another house untuk tumpang lampu...hehehehe

Sumuk said...

ha.. that's funny!

nur enjel said...

I was at Raja Ayam Penyet food stall..hehe, yup, it was candle light dinner then.

Sumuk said...

hehe.. that's romantic.

it baffle me that some people are just too lazy to make a reading on the effect of global warming and make fun of the effort being taken. they thought that we just want to make ourselves feel good about participating, rather than have an understanding of what global warming is all about.

i purposely do not want to put any link or references to global warming in my post, because it was my own effort and other people should be making the same effort too without making a lopsided judgement.

RW FINE ART said...

i waited until 9:30pm to shower.

Sumuk said...

aik. how come? pakei aik panas ka? mandi pakei lilin la romantic uhuk..

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