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Guide To Express Marriage Licence for Non-Muslim

What is an Express Marriage Licence?

Express Marriage License is issued under the provision of Section 21(1) Law Reform Act (Marriage and Divorce) 1976 which allows applicants to get a marriage license without notices. The Resident is empowered to approve this application. (Source : Resident Office, Kapit Division)

For those couple who wish to do an express marriage licence and wondering what is the procedure, I am posting the details as below to help ease the doubts and worries.

Express marriage is normally granted to those in the army and police forces due to their limited leave and out-of-district ruling as informed verbally by the JPN officer. However, in some special cases the express marriage consent is given to the public. Please make sure that you really have a valid reason to do express marriage in oppose to the normal procedure as both of you will go through an 'interview' process.

This guide is applicable for the State of Sarawak. For Peninsular Malaysia, see the procedure here.

Documents required:

1. Form Borang JPN. KC02
2. 2 copies of Birth Certificates each
3. 2 copies of IC each
4. 1 copy of the most recent passport-size photos each
5. Statutory Declaration or Akuan Sumpah Bujang (in most cases, for the female)
6. Company Employment Letter(s) (each to provide if working)


1. Go to JPN. (JPN Kuching at Wisma Satok open everyday, but signing on weeekdays only)
2. Tell them your intention. They will provide the ORIGINAL form Borang JPN. KC02
3. Document required : 2, 3, 4 to be attached to Document 1. Pls get ready 5&6 just in case they want to see.
4. They will check for the status of both from their system. If ok, they will help to fill up part of the form for you. You fill up the rest.
5. If not ok, you might need to prepare additional documents on top of the listed above.

1. Go to a Commissioner of Oath. You can get advice from the JPN where you can find one.
2. Stamp Document 1 & 5.
3. Cost varied and ranges from RM25~RM50 per document.
4. Commissioner of Oath can also prepared the Document 5 (Statutory Declaration) for you if you haven't had one.

1. Return the form to JPN.
2. JPN will produce a Letter of 'Intent' to the Resident Office.
3. Bring the Document 1, 5&6 and the Letter of 'Intent' to Resident Office.

1. In Kuching, Resident Office is opposite the Balai Polis Central, Kuching near Padang Merdeka. Open from Monday to Friday only.
2. Go to first floor and show them the forms (documents) and your intention.
3. You will be interview by an officer on the reason of the express marriage. Give as many as possible, but try not to lie. They know all the tricks :D
4. Document 5&6 will be attached to the Resident Office internal form.
5. Depending on Resident Officer availability, the Letter of Approval can be produced immediately, or the same day, or you will be informed to come back at other times. This is the most crucial part. Please bear in mind that they also have the power to reject your application.
6. Upon approval, cash payment of RM100 to be done on the Ground Floor of the Resident Office. Keep the receipt.

1. Call JPN to make the appointment for the signing.
2. 2 witnesses (non-Muslim) are required. Above the age of 21. Both to bring their original IC.
3. Wear formal and appropriately, including witnesses. For female, either a decent dress or the national attire. For male, tie is encourage.
4. Bring back Document 1, the Letter of Approval and the receipt to JPN.
5. Payment of RM20 for MyKad status changes to be made. Keep the receipt.
6. They will prepare the Marriage Certificate.
7. Signing will be done subsequently at the Ceremonial Room.
8. Exchange of rings is not part of the ceremony, but it is allowed.
9. Don't forget to take photos for remembrance..

And you are now legally married to your partner!

Good Luck!


nur enjel said...

what is the main different between express marriage and normal marriage then?

Sumuk said...

1. Normal procedure is to have a notice period of 21 days before licence is given

2. Resident's Office permission is not required

cdason said...

uhh.. kawin express pun complicated eyh...

Sumuk said...

oi.. ingat senang ker mao kawin? :D

btw, it's not really complicated if you follow the above, just make sure you have all the required document, and lots of praying.

One Other ... said...

Only org yang dah buat express marriage tu je yg tau benda2 ni semua. Kan kan kan?? hahha. Tahniah Sumuk! Tahniah... makan besar kelak reserve satu meja utk aku dgn kawan2 blogger lain k. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Jue, bila nak post gambar2 after the ceremony tu? Tak sabar nak tengok. BTW congrats to both of you n hubby.

Willie said...

My Cousin ari ya express marriage. Hehee

headsteadi said...

reading it makes it so complicated but in actual fact it's not. ada flowchart version kah ;)

Sumuk said...

*scratching my head*

headsteadi, aku rasa malas.. boleh sik?

see la. mun sik kerak, rushak.

Anonymous said...

very interesting...i didn't know there is such thing as express marriage also....

Anonymous said...

haha... thinking back sounds like normal pos vs poslaju... hahahaha... shoot...

Sumuk said...

Express marriage is just a procedure. What matters is that it's still a civil marriage and legal to boot, with or without a wedding.

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