Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unfinished Holiday

Okay okay I'm back. I got another 'friendly' reminder not to leave my blog for too long :D . Need to kill the growing fungus!

To the contrary of DJ belief that everybody is away spending a good holiday, we thought that the long weekend would be a good one for us too. It wasn't that great tho', but at least I managed to do few things that I have been wanting to do.

Saturday 6th December, 2008

Babai's parents and sister were around spending their holiday here. Christmas is just around the corner, and they got lots of shopping to be done. I wished that I had lots of money to be spent too *sigh*

On Saturday, Babai went for his weekly riding, and we were spending more than half of the day waiting for him to come back. We finally couldn't wait and went ahead with our lunch (at 2.30pm). Babai finally came back at about 15minutes later. After done with lunch, we went to HKL to visit an uncle, then headed to Midvalley Megamall. I did not do any shopping this time. Not even a Vincci sandal T_T

The only thing that I bought was this;

*giggle giggle*
cute hor?

I promised myself I will buy a piggy bank. Well, I couldn't find a cute pink piggy bank, and after checking Hinode and Living Cabin, I thought this one is different than the rest, and the price is RM16.90, which is reasonable to me. Now Babai doesn't have to mess the table with his spare coins.

We left Midvalley at about 9.30pm and headed to Old Klang Road for dinner.

Sunday, 7th December 2008

Planned to go Malacca at 7am, but at 8.30am all of us were still in our pyjamas. It was chilly in the morning, and I didn't feel like going. We finally made a move at 10am after having a simple breakfast.

Turned out that there were lots, I mean LOTS of people including Singaporean were heading to Malacca as well. For one thing, it's school holiday, and Monday would be public holiday so families were taking the chances to get away. And I think the reduction of fuel prices to RM1.90 prompted other people who has been hiding to come out and play too. We had planned to eat Ball Chicken Rice, Nonya Bak Chang, Durian Cendol and some other staff, but the only thing that we managed to appease our hungry stomach was beer for the father, and coke for the rest. We decided to leave the place as there was nothing we could do to beat the maddening crowd there.

On our way back, we dropped by Restoren Jejambat Ayer Keroh and decided to fill up our stomach at A&W. Another bad luck, we all got reheated pre-pack burger and it was so difficult to chew on it. The counter looks so packed that we don't think it was worth it to make a fuss, as I think everybody had the same luck judging from the long faces in the restaurant.

Once we reached Seri Kembangan, I felt that our holiday was unfinished. How else do you justify an unhappy trip but with another shopping trip haha!! I dragged auntie, uncle and Babai lil' sis to Jusco nearby. Of course I did not get anything, but the window shopping experience are always rejuvenating!

Monday, 8th December 2008

All of us were late again. Babai went to buy breakfast, and it had taken him more than an hour to get some tosai and roti canai. Found out that there were lots of people in the mamak shop as many other halal shops were closed due to Hari Raya Haji.

At 11.30am, went off to drop the sis at Sunway Pyramid, then had my hair done at The Summit. Finally got rid of my irritating fringe. Finished at 4pm. Went back to sent the parents and sis to airport.

Felt so tired after I got back, but then I remembered I got homeworks to do *sigh*

Wednesday, 10th December 2008

These past two days, I was extremely busy with a tender, thus the fungus. Tomorrow I need to send product catalogues to client's office eventhough we are closed due to state holiday.

Haiz.. kacau only lah..


Willie said...

Welcome back and thanks for the report for why you were missing from blogging. I will forward it to my boss. Hahahha kidding.

lvynana said...

bogo shopping yoh sumuk.
buok bauh lagik noh!

One Other ... said...

Vincci sandals? lately Vincci punya collection not so nice anymore. Donno why. :-( even SOS sells better variety. That is 'froggy bank' dayung. Sorry to hear the holiday wasnt as satisfying as u hoped. Sapa suruh bangun lambat? hehe

Sumuk said...

willie: oh no!! LOL!

lvynana : doik leh ku shopping.. nyaa muno sijak.. teruk manah kewangan duoh taruh bulan tih. beli tabung jak pakei tahan duit kluar.. gawat tok..

one other: see my previous post i share ur sentiment too. but once in a while i can always manage to get one that caught my attention. i think there are lots more choices available over here. SOS? what brand is that? did i just miss something? huhu..

One Other ... said...

Eh lupak, SOS ada di kuching jak. hehe

Desmond said...

Ahaks....i am still struggling about where to go. I hope I do not screw up on my choice of holiday destination.

cdason said...

hahaha.. that's so typical..

ANywy, that is cute.. haha

seems like your so busy though. Holidays is not really a holiday eyh??

Sumuk said...

One Other: aok kelak aku ngecek di Kuching. Which mall or shop should I look for?

Desmond: Driving in the cars for total 3 hours on the highway was consider a holiday for us too, except it's a boring one. Laze around at home, it can never go wrong!! :D

cdason: you are right. seems everybody is eager for the long holiday, trying to settle unfinished business before going off. heiz... really looking forward for my 'real' holiday..

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