Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Ang Pow

Babai will be going through an exam at 1pm today.
That explained why I have been a bit quite than normal.
Because he had been very quite himself, full concentration on his study. I had to keep to a corner by myself, even had to be in separate area of the house lest he would produce unhappy growled at being disturbed :D

I myself kinda nervous actually. Both of us are really hoping that he can go through it with flying colors, because it will means a better career life for him in the future.

I felt that at the same time, I have been neglecting him. I was busy with my own work in the office and around the house. Last night I felt I have to give him a better time, so I decided to make him salad for dinner. Haha. It's been awhile I haven't eaten salad since the last time I was on a proper diet regime. It's make me think that I might have allergy to it (if you read Dr. Atkin book, you'll know what I means ;) Surprisingly, it was a very refreshing dinner and Babai tried making me to promise to have salad for dinner all the way until the day we were to go back to Kuching. Uwaaa! I dowan! Kuikui..

Last night was also the last time I stocked up on groceries, barely enough to see us through for another week. I also managed to get rid of unwanted stuff in both the fridges and the inside looked so much better now. Expired foods in the fridge are the last thing I want to come back to 'next year' urgh. Now that we found Jack's dogsitter, I felt so relief and able to make plans for other stuffs.

Looks like I won't be doing any Christmas shopping this year. I think I'm going to give ang pow instead of gifts to my almost 20 nephews and nieces. Kids stuff are not cheap u know...*sigh*


headsteadi said...

merry x'mas to both of you. i'm going back on 20/12 till 4/1. how 'bout you two?

Willie said...

Hi Sumuk,

What exam Babai is sitting? Is it over?

I haven't stock any food in my house yet. Yesterday, i wanted to go to Boulevard shopping mall, but then it was full. so i decided to drive past the shopping mall and went home nothing. However, i had a wonderful dinner with my wife and son. They had been away for a month from me coz they went to stay in their kampung.

I guess tonight is worst, because Christmas is near and the govt. servants are getting their salaries. Mine? not yet. another 2 days. Hahaha But then, we are not celebrating Christmas this year, as our fr-in-law had just passed away.

I agree with you that kids stuff are expensive. I am a bit careful when buying toys for my son. I usually buy educational toys for him to play. I discourage my son to watch ultraman, doraemon etc. These cartoons have toys.HEhehe

One Other ... said...

Babai made u promise to have salad for dinner all the way until u come back to Kuching? Wawawawa! I sensed a hidden message in that.

What exams? Hope he passes. After that you can kacau him all u want. Hehe. Merry Christmas sumuk!

Sumuk said...

ours will be 24/12-3/1 cos I have limited leave.. we'll miss the Christmas Eve mass, but hopefully we can make it for the morning mass. hope we can dropped by and see you all on the 27th.

I'm so sorry to hear abt your father in law.. I didn't know. no wonder.. again I'm very sorry.

wah really lots of people? but still can do groceries shopping at other smaller shops kan? but the good things about bigger supermarket is that u get everything in one place, very convenient.

wah.. the father can buy gundam, later the son ask for it too then how?.. ask original bandai some more..:D

One Other:
there have been too many a hint lately LOL!

Babai is having a PMP exam, its a professional certification for project management.

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