Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I did not know until today, that men can bitch very well.
In fact too well.
For three and a half hours long ride! Gosh!
Made me thinkin' there..
Those were the perfect SOB!

Thank God I'm an XX. I got the room all to myself.
Especially so that I don't have to hear enough bitching to last me a lifetime.
am so glad..


Tikiyung said...

suba mu trenek bak eh...haha

Sumuk said...

If women bitching, it's called gossiping.
If men bitching, it's called politicking.

Betul sik?

Tikiyung said...

rasa2 eh botul reh with d current Malaysia politic adin.

PrincessRen said...

sumukkkk.. long time no hear.. hehe.. seve me right geh for not updating y blog aye? sorry bz manah datik... jatok parik xmas... oni plan muk?

Sumuk said...

bah asik asik geh dayung dih tuui manah moyap! bimbang aku weh. welkambing back. update gik blog ya.. kelak aku tinggalkan kesan aku di sia.

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