Friday, September 19, 2008

Honda=Power Of Nightmare

Sounds familiar?

Just so you know, Power of Dream is Honda motto. Sounds nice right?
I do dream about Honda. But my dream lately I can rightly described as a nightmare.

Right now I am sitting here while waiting for my car to be call for serviced. And Im so pissed of right now because their system is down. Wait, don't call me too emo, you'll get to know why. I've owned a Kancil before, but I never had any bad dreams for the 5 years I've been driving it. It was such a happy relationship between me and the 660EX that I missed her a lot when she left me for good..


Sorry, I'm feeling cranky at the moment. I finished worked at 4 this morning. I am amazed that I was still able to drive myself back when I could barely even open my eyes. My big boss was so adamant to finish up the tender last night I suspected he might want to avoid paying us a more expensive overtime today. Last night I found out I was able to sleep while typing away! Talking about multitasking! Maybe I can add that skill in my resume eh?

As my appointment for my car servicing is at 10am, I only have a less than satisfying 4 hours of sleep. Im a light sleeper, I envy those people who can sleep like a log the moment their head hit the pillow. On top of that, I kept on thinking about my problematic car, how I planned to scream at the service center if they keep on KIV my complaint.

Now that I'm here deprived of enough sleep, I could not really believed that they have to wait for their computer system to be up. I wanted to smile my sacarstic smile to the service counter, but even that I couldn't manage. I was mumbling to Babai on the phone just now saying that their mechanic here are possibly linked to their system. Unable to receive manual instruction. They might have a robotic mechanic, waiting for a computer command.

Uh. I feel incoherent now. I can't barely remember what I wanted to tell you about my Honda nightmare. Well.. let's wait for another day for that when I am sober wide awake *yawn*

Ah. I heard the calling system is up again.
Next would be my number.
Ok gtg *yawn"


Anonymous said...

power of dreams?
no la... we read wrongly liao...for me...
it's power of SOUNDS!!!

i'm so pissed with rattling sound with my honda la... planning to send it back but then dunno if want them to kopek out the dashboard.... or else might cause more problems...

but vios ain't any better than honda as well.. so far i think nissan turns out to be the best... but i didn't buy cause it's more expensive and i really cannot tahan latio's what to do? power of sounds lor... have to live with it for now since already buy...

Sumuk said...

talking about my car always makes my nerve gone south grr.. always thinking what defect would be next. sakit hati wehhh...

Anonymous said...

Haihzzz... I've been living with this "Power of Dreamzzz" problems for the past 3 years.

From poor quality built car, to ridiculuosly high fuel consumption, to stuck-up service guys/manager and ..... the lists goes on & on.

Kinda sad to think back why the hell did I depart with my old ride for this piece of "Hondua" shit.

Sumuk said...

oit.. don't say Hondua plss.. it must be Prohonda.. same quality la them hahah!!

what u said seems kinda right.. apart from the engine, im kinda sorry to buy this car. i shud be able to get the same problem, but at least it will cost me half the price. what to do.. either we live with it like freeweelee said, or we downgrade to cheaper expected car, or get ready to spend more on high end car.

at this time, the most viable choice for me of course is to downgrade la :p

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