Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Extra Money is Welcomed Anytime!

Eh hehe..

Boss just asked everybody to have a short meeting.
He is having a General Meeting tomorrow, and he had asked for our feedback on how much does the effect of the recent and ongoing increase of cost of living in terms of actual monetary value. He said he's gonna relay the information to the management, as they are actually considering of reviewing the staff''s wages mid-year!! Whoopss!! :D

We were excited but we had to restraint ourselves from whooping with joy! We gave him a piece of our mind, and now we are praying that we will receive good news by end of this month.

The management just agreed to increase the mileage rate, and now ...... I'm just keeping my finger cross :x

Please pray for me ya.. ?!!


i blog / u read said...

there r plenty of massage spots in bukit bintang. but im not sure if they r really gud at it.

Sumuk said...

Oh.. i tried it once few years just in front bukit bintang shopping mall on the pedestrian, ngam-ngam kena raid chiss!!

I think those places are a bit too commercialized, they are too eager to get customer, but their massage expertise n skills is not really something to brag abt ler.. You know i feel scared walking at that area sometimes, mcm Petaling Street.

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