Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rescue Operation Goes Awry

Continuation of my entry on Some Days Are Dog's Day


My Dog Day.

First, our Langkawi trip on the weekend has to be scrapped off. I still have to go to Singapore for business trip on Monday, and lots of thing to do to prepare for the meeting. (But I thank you God I'm having a job ;p )

Then the works in the office seems haywire. Boss having a bad day, my proposal seems stucked, waiting for information is taking ages in this 'information age', and some drawings has to be redraw because for some reason, a not-so funny joker unknowingly deleted the completed drawings. Sigh.. Im so glad my impatience was not as bad as it used to be. I finally left the office at 9.45pm with an empty stomach and carrying a back-breaking loads of documents and drawings for the meeting next week.

Reached home at around 10.30pm, immediately drove Babai to pick up his bike at Naza's Bike workshop in PJ. Settled at 11.30pm. We planned to meet up at Oldtown Kopitiam at Cyberjaya for late dinner. Halfway on the road, I received a brief and unfinished call from Babai. I got so worried he might got into trouble. Touch wood; but think of F1's drivers' or MotoGP riders' gfs or wifes. I do know how they feel. Combination of all the day's anxiety, complete with growling stomach, tiredness and sleepiness, you'll get a freaked-out, irrational and out of control lioness!! Poor Babai, he has to endure my other twin personalities. Sorry darling, that was not me heheh..

On my way to the 'rescue operation' of Babai at God-knows-where, I got stuck in the Plus highway because I found out I only had RM2.00 in coins left in my purse. Nice.. And Babai was actually at some other highways! There was no way I could turned back without going out of the highway. And on top of that, it was already 12.45am, and no ATM machines at Dengkil R&R. I literally had to bite my tounge from asking some samaritan to borrow/(give?) me few ringgit so I can get the hell out of there.

Finally, at 1.30am, I agreed with Babai to let a good friend of ours, Iggy's the Iguana master's, Ken, to come over to my location for the rescue. Yeaa. The rescuer got rescue, how about that? Luckily, the lorry driver who picked up Babai agreed to send him home first before returning the bike to workshop.

Ken and me left the R&R at 1.50pm. Had wanted to go back to sleep right away. But Babai felt so guilty that he kept to his promise to have dinner at Oldtown Kopitiam. We finally headed home at 3am very tired, albeit satisfied stomach. Sigh. I must be that old to lost all my energy that I had when I was lot younger.


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